Edge Business Allianz

Edge Business Allianz is managed by group of professionals with global experience in blue-chip companies along with well-trained and qualified staff to support clients on finance and accounting functions including US GAAP.

We have Medical Coders certified through American Academy of Professional Coders and Certified Professional Coders along with trained and experienced staff working on the Revenue Cycle Services.

At EBA we optimize central business office solutions by selecting...more...

Financial Services

  • Finance & Accounting Functions
  • Payroll Functions
  • HR Functions
  • Taxes & Compliance
  • Insurance Management

Revenue Cycle Services

  • Eligibility & Demographic Verification
  • Medical Coding/Billing
  • Accounts Receivable & Denial Management
  • Credit Balances
  • Payment Posting

IT Services

  • Website Design & Development
  • Enterprise Mobility

Formation and Registrations

  • New Company/Entity formation
  • New Company/Entity Registrations